Goats Galore!



Everything you ever wanted to know about goats and pack goats and some things you probably didn’t want to know and special Mahalo to:

North American Pack Goat Association

High Uinta Pack Goats

Pack Goat Central: Online Forums- Everything Pack Goat  

Goats as Restorative Catalysts. Managing Goats for Environmental Regeneration, Not Degeneration.

PackGoats.com Has some fabulous podcasts and extensive information on pack goats & hunting with pack goats.

PODCAST: Paradise Ranch Packgoats– Marc Warnke of Outdoors International talks to Dwite Sharp, one of the leading breeders of Pack Goats in the country. They talk everything from training to nutrition. Dwite has been breeding and running a pack string for over 20 years.

Brian Cannon & Mark Warnke talk Packgoats Long term goat packing strategies, pack goats in bad weather, training pack goats, breeding pack goats (to another goat) and the history of pack goats and as always…some wilderness living and hippy stuff.


Goat Tracks Journal of the Working Goat  Quarterly Periodical larry@goattracksmagazine.org
Practical Goatpacking by Carolyn Eddy
Diet for Wethers by Carolyn Eddy
The Pack Goat by John Mionczynski The definitive book on Goat Packing
Goat Packing An Illustrated Guide by Dale W. Yates
Nanny Manicures by Diane Gray
Goat Field First Aid Book by Alice Berberness and Carolyn Eddy
Goat First Aid – The Trail Guide by Alice Berberness and Carolyn Eddy