Kō! aka: Polynesian Sugarcane; an important canoe plant!

Yesterday, we were out at the Kīpuka Kao Project, where we brought kō (Polynesian Sugarcane) starts for planting as well as some refreshing, crunchy, sweet stalks to chew.
Once our hike and work all pau (finished), we toasted with a jar of fresh pressed, ice cold, cane juice from Sacred Sugarcane
Mahalo to Sacred Sugarcane for producing such delightful food in the ‘hood! #respect
Controversy about sugar may be confusing but hopefully with a little understanding of this glorious grass, we will make peace with the beautiful, useful and (YES!) health promoting plant. An important addition to our farms, gardens and diets, sugarcane is a large grass that turns sunshine into amazing, delicious, nutritious, restorative juice!
Goats also LOVE it.
I’ll toast to that!
Check out the links below for more info on sugarcane.
#drinklocalbrah #hoodsteading #allgoodinthehood #flowgoats#giveback #themoreyouknow #sugarcane

Canoe plants of Ancient Hawaii: Ko

Hawaiian Sugar Cane 

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