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The Kipuka Kao Project is still in early stages of development; but for over two years, the goats and I have been traversing the lava, planning the project, doing some clearing, planting a few “test” species & bringing along the occasional (and oh so lucky) guest.
The work on the farm for the last THREE years has included the carving out a space in the invasive-filled jungle for the purpose of re-propagating canoe plants and endemic species; testing potential new food crops, building a homestead that feeds humans & other animals as well as the care and training of same.
The list of hats worn and duties done is a long one and has been no small feat!
My knowledge of Hawaii’s history, culture & ecosystem has grown exponentially since my pre-Hawaii 2012. Although I came an empty(ish) vessel, I believed, upon my arrival, that it was important to find ways to be a steward to the ‘aina, be useful in my community, all while honoring the host culture.
With the help of my own insatiable curiosity, neighbors, teachers, programs, workshops, classes, networking, study, generous financial support, taking advantage of numerous opportunities, failures, and much experience & practice; not to mention the “Divine Inspiration” found in Nature, I like to think I am decidedly on that path.
Time and community support will decide.
As for now, I continue to learn what I need to know; to transform one tiny space at a time; to change one business model at a time.
One small ripple is said to make the giant wave.
I believe it is through sharing one connection at a time, soliciting the tremendous help of those adventurous, willing and able enough to come along, that I can continue to make ripples with the regenerative & (hopefully) sustainable efforts of The Kipuka Kao Project. Air BnB Experiences has opened up that opportunity for me.
Our beloved Puna District has been through a life-altering year.
Finding the “new normal” is going to be tough for a lot of folks who’s homes, farms & businesses are under 80 feet of lava. I like to think we can adapt. I mean, we live on an active volcano; surely we can adapt? I think of goats and how their entire evolution has been based on their ability to adapt.
Perhaps there is a *new* future in Puna District.
One that can incorporate the permaculture value:
“Make the problem be the solution.”
Goats. Amazing, adaptable, able to go pretty much ANYWHERE: goats.
Then there is Lava. So much lava. So. Much. Lava.
Then, a kipuka. More kipukas. Many kipukas.
All of lower Puna is now covered with lava and kipukas.

Sounds like a GREAT place to Goat With The Flow.

A future in Puna that serves the land & people?
A business model that creates numerous LOCAL benefits AND honors local culture?
Tourism that shares & educates the world about Hawaii while helping restore it?
There is no secret.
It’s about community, sharing, connection and service!
Here’s to an ethical & sustainable future!
-Julie L.
Creatrix, GWTF


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