New Beach!

Springtime hike out to Kumukahi Lighthouse with Nero & Rocky.
The lava is still really hot, but these boys are built for this!
The last few months, the county has been working on clearing the roads that were covered during 2018 volcanic eruption. Until the work is done, many people have had to hike in or helicopter in to their homes, if their homes still stand at all.
Inside the kipuka, it is quiet. No cars, a few bikes, almost no people.
Dystopian in some ways, the empty roads and miles of lava are an intense study in both destruction and creation. Pristine and untouched, we respectfully explore the new landscape. Our beloved tide pools are gone, but in their place stands a massive black and green sand beach.  It is absolutely breathtaking.
Soon the road will be open again and the beach will fill with the motorized curious masses to see our ever-changing landscape here on Hawaii Island. As we explore, let’s be mindful of the impacts we make. Let’s witness the newest earth on Earth. Let’s ponder on what it means to see everything you ever recognized, change practically overnight. The only real constant on a volcano is change. EMBRACE IT.
If you do take the trip out to Kumukahi, PLEASE: tread lightly, pack it out, be respectful, and most of all, CHERISH IT!

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